Last night I dreamt of you….


As you may all know…I am a hopeless romantic and a few years ago I had a mini renaissance( as I like to call it ) while working at the FIT library.  While I always enjoyed writing rhymes as a kid…this particular year, I was inspired to write some super mushy romantic poetry.  I still have no idea where it flowed from, but it certainly felt beautiful inside and amazing to release.

Along the way, I have also met some fellow romantics and I encouraged them to submit their work to me as well.  One particular poem really touched me and I have offered it up on my site.  It is very personal but also very relatable.  Please enjoy!

You can find the poem here:


Last night I dreamt of you…

I felt your arms on my body

Your hands, your skin

Your breath in my ear

You said, I love you… 

Last night, I dreamt of you…

I felt you closer to me than ever

And though I am always longing

Even I am surprised

That I still feel your body

And I still feel my body

 Last night I dreamt of you…

It’s the only way I have to be by your side

To kiss you, to hug you

To get lost in your eyes…




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