A few things I observed while in London :)

Rockin London Town Postcard

I totally forgot about this little post I created after my first trip to London 2 years ago.  It kinda made me chuckle!  Postcard above can be found here: http://www.etsy.com/listing/114166058/rockin-london-town-postcard?ref=shop_home_active

My London Observations!

Navigating the tube system was much easier than I anticipated…and in my humble opinion, shines way brighter in comparison to our NYC way systems.

Most impressive were the lifts which at first seemed like kind of a slow process but then I realized that lugging around heavy luggage is much easier when there is a lift 🙂  We certainly could use them here at some locations because those tiny elevators at turtle speed aren’t cutting it.

No one rushes for the train, so, either the trains run frequent or it’s simply that no one has the sense of urgency we have in NY…it’s quite pleasant.

If you miss the last train at midnight, your crap out of luck! So plan accordingly!

I hear that London is somewhat of a melting pot like NY but certainly not as diverse as New York City.

Many Englanders visit London and actually asked me for directions 🙂

I nagivated the train sytem quite beautifully, however,I would get lost along the streets every time I went back to my hotel. wtf??

Speaking of my hotel, when booking..single room literally means you will navigate your room in single file, so, make sure you do your research.

No one and I mean no one cares about making you look good in your pictures or if they are in focus or if the landmark is actually in the shot.  So set the auto-timer!

Yes, London is dreary but clear…For the entire time I was there, the weather was consistently clear.  It never rained while I was there 🙂

Although people don’t move as fast as New Yorkers,..I didn’t sense an overwhelming friendliness…everyone kind of is in their own world.

Food in the supermarkets is totally cheap! Perfect if you are on a budget.

I found it surprisingly easy to find all the landmarks and things I wanted to see, thanks to the “you are here” signs which are everywhere!!!

Take away = To go

Way out = Exit

London is much cleaner yet oddly enough there are no trash cans on the streets…I don’t get it, where does all the trash go!!

Lots of smokers!!

I have no clue what the deal is with “The Big Issue” … this magazine that is always in your face wherever you go!!


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