A little vanity is ok…


So I have had this conversation with myself and a few others many times… is being concerned about the way your body looks, vain?  I think most people who work out, see it as killing two birds with one stone, i.e., I am improving my appearance and improving my health (breathing, flexibility, heart strength and there are many other positive results…let’s not forget those wonderful endorphins).


Working out has also made me more conscious of what I put in my body; whether it be good food or my alcohol intake.  As we all know, food can give us energy or taketh away…and my competitive nature is not cool with me being able to do 4 miles one day on a healthy diet and sort of 2 miles after a weekend of bad eating, cocktails and little sleep weekend.


I am also cheating myself out of looking the best I can look and feel.  When I take care of myself 100%, my allergies improve, my skin improves, my breathing and most of all my mood improves.  When you are feeling your best, you accomplish more, think more clearly and can set some solid goals for yourself, improve your self worth and it ignites your sexy time!


Ofcourse, there are exceptions and extremes to everything and I am no fan of trying to staying young forever.  But I think visually most people prefer a healthy natural aging look than a look made to look younger by surgery or botox.  There are also the extreme cases of being so obsessed with your appearance that you actually sacrifice your health.  None of which I am endorsing.

But I will ask you,..what’s wrong with wanting to look and feel the best you can feel and in turn being healthy for those around you who love you.  Only someone who has lived or lives this lifestyle can truly know the benefits.  It’s sincerely a domino improvement effect in your life.

So, next time you see someone who is fit, I hope it motivates you to do simple things that can improve your look, your health and your life! xoxo


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