A woman of quality is not afraid of a woman of equality….


Maybe you’re not there yet, maybe you have struggled…but hating on those who have succeeded in some way, only sets you back further than when you began.  Woman of all people know how hard we are on ourselves, how we feel flawed, despite what it may look like on the outside.  We may hide it well, better than others….but never doubt that we are the same…we hurt, we feel dissapointed, we feel lonely, we feel ugly, we feel fat, we feel unfullfilled, unaccomplished… so, the last thing any of us need, is another woman hating on us for some crazy idea that they have formed in their head about who they think we are…

So, when you feel like saying or thinking something cruel or mean about another woman for absolutely no reason,..remember, we are the same.  Just focus on you and making you the best you that you can be..and you will start to see that hate fade,..and the admiration grow inside you and that will feel truly wonderful! xo



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