Behind the Vanilla Clouds…


Hi, My name is Josephine and I was born in New York City.  In July 2014, I  took a leap of faith and moved to Saint Simons Island, GA to start a life with my boyfriend who is now my husband.  

Living on an island was something that this city girl would never have imagined for herself 15 years ago.  It just didn’t seem palpable.  

I grew up loving the arts, whether it was photography, fashion, acting, etc. but I also grew up camping with my family and always enjoyed being outside, pretending to be on a mission in a jungle or a deserted island, searching for coconuts with my cousins. I have always loved the smell of a burning fire, and growing up with musical and artistically inclined parents, singing around the fire was pretty natural to us. Hence my love for live music and music in general.

Ever wondered why you have an innate joy for something,..well, if you think really long and hard about your childhood life, you may understand why certain surroundings bring you peace and at the same time may disturb you.

I believe if we are really in tune with our internal needs, you will sense a gravitation towards what you need in life and if you don’t fight it, you might actually get it.  My life was calling for a more peaceful life, a place where I could explore my thoughts, write, develop my photography, enjoy the simple things and be still with someone who was on the same page.  I was scared for many years, but I was not going to let fear rob me of what I needed to grow. Nor should you.

I write from my own personal experiences with life, people, friends and anything else that may inspire me if I feel it can help someone else.   At the same time, I write to heal and to work through my own thoughts and feelings. 

I have dabbled in many art mediums and currently spend most of my extra time making boho inspired jewelry pieces. 

I think my work really speaks for itself and can tell you a lot about who I am.  I try to see the best in people and things and some of the most simplest things make me smile.  I could sit on a beach and stare at an ocean for hours or take in the massivity of a beautiful landscape for days. 

I love meeting big people with big hearts because it’s so easy to be the opposite way sometimes in this world. 

I’ve always enjoyed making beautiful images and telling stories with them.  I am no expert in life, I just truly believe that life is all about perspective.  The way you perceive something can make a world of a difference on your life and your ability to bounce back from life’s challenges. 

With the most genuine intentions, my work is meant to inspire 🙂  So, I’m happy to share my artistic journey with you!


One thought on “Behind the Vanilla Clouds…

  1. I know it’s source, so beliving in a heaven that is inhabited by vanilla clouds is easy.
    Thank you for your labor of love.

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