“There is always a gift in any challenge.” Bronnie Ware

So, one of my New Year’s resolutions was to become a cleaner and more creative cook.  Now, I would like to say that this was a 100% internal growth sort of revelation, but the truth is, my body has built an intolerance to preservatives and bacteria produced in aged and fermented foods.  Such foods are high in histamine production and basically, my histamine intolerance is non-existent.

Essentially, my body cannot break down histamine because I am lacking the proper enzymes.  It’s rather confusing but I know that I need to stay away from foods that are high in histamines. If you google “foods high in histamine” I am pretty sure you will come up with everything you and I love, which as a result has made my food choices vs foods I enjoy a big challenge.

Do I choose between enjoying food or giving in to my vanity of having clear skin. Incidentally, that is my side of effect of eating too many foods high in histamine.  For others, it may be different, the effects may be more hidden, (but not less painful) however for me, it causes inflammation and hives in my face, sometimes my body. It would seem like an easy and clear choice because I have someone in my life who loves me for me, however, the truth is, this kind of thing takes a toll on your self esteem.  It eats at you little by little and you begin to just not feel like yourself anymore and all sorts of things manifest from that.  Not good things!!  It’s only when I really take the time to think about it that I realize that I have strayed from my base level mood.  By that I mean, I am normally a pretty optimistic person, fairly confident …but these kind of things chip away at that and make you less of the person that you normally are.

Now, I am very clear with the fact that this is minuscule compared to some of the challenges people go through in life, nonetheless, we all handle challenges in different ways.

Fast forward to my New Years Resolution of trying to eat clean to improve my skin and therefore my self esteem.  I got the idea of making my own tomato sauce as most if not all tomato sauces destroy my skin.  I was hoping that the fresh tomato sauce would offend my skin a little less than the jar version from the supermarket.   So, as I was cooking, of course I took a few photo’s!

This is the first time that the true authenticity of the colors mattered in a picture to portray my point.20150109_155618  So, I marched over to the grocery story(not really, I actually rode my bike Lucy over)  grabbed a bunch of random big healthy tomatoes, not really paying attention the color. I found a recipe on Pinterest, which you can find on my Pinterest board called Clean Foods which called for roasting your tomatoes for 1 hour on 400 degrees drizzled with salt and olive oil. Well, it turns out that the color of the tomatoes was pretty important, as the gals sauce on the Pinterest recipe was as red as this bowl,..my sauce, not so much.20150109_175652  It was orange, just like the color of my tomatoes.  Nonetheless, I continued with the recipe, sauteing garlic, basil, olive oil and a bunch of other herbs.20150109_175706  The apartment smelled absolutely divine, that is, if you like the amazing smell of roasted garlic and herbs. I happen to love it 🙂  No recipe is ever how they say it will be and I admit, I never follow it to a T.  I merged my sauce and my herbs then tossed in some turkey chopped meat that I cooked separately but did not get to properly grind as it cooked quicker than I had anticipated.  Oh well, all merged!  Taste test time!20150109_180427  I am usually too nervous to do this and have my boyfriend do it, which he usually obliges 🙂  Anyhow the result, the sauce was delicious, but not tomatoey enough?  How can that be?? tomatoes are it’s main component.  Well, my further online research said sometimes you can cook the tomato taste away,or… my tomatoes were not at their ripest. Nonetheless, I can tell you that the dish was very tasty and one of my best creations.20150110_230626  I had a second serving today 🙂

Did fresh sauce make the difference in histamine.  

Hmmm, that is a tough question because I did consume a few things that could have also been culprits, however, I am sad to report that this morning my skin was a bit swollen and I had an abnormally more amount of red tiny hives.  The hives were not itchy nor were they terribly disruptive to my day, but I knew that they were there and it bothered me.  So, back to the old drawing board.  I will say that I have bought more tomatoes today, but really ripe ones, as I am determined to get the recipe right.  Sometimes the sense of accomplishment can help me tolerate the consequences.  What started out as a resolution to help heal my skin has sparked a true creative interest and enjoyment in the culinary arts 🙂  How wonderful!



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