and then he sends you this…I’ll be Your Everything by Mike Benson

I’ll be your everything (a little long…but so worth it!)

the song you sing

the mood you’re in

i’ll be your anger’s ugly temper

your spring until september

i’ll be your coldest winter morning

your boredom when you’re yawning

your four minute warning

i’ll be your body clock

the way you walk

i’ll be in your shoes

your latest news

you feelings failings

i’ll be the tears in your eyes

and wipe them dry

i’ll be your everywhere anywhere

i’ll be your record player

your t.v. set

the thing you forget

i’ll be your worries and panic

your comfort and joy

i’ll be your girl and your boy

your words and thoughts will be me

i’ll be your freedom

your self expression

your new direction

your viral infection

confessor and confession

your compassion

your clothes out of fashion

your divine retribution

i’ll be your contribution

i’ll make up your mind

be the faith that you find

i’ll be your face your hands

the place where you land

i’ll be your something for nothing

your free lunch

your waste of time

your uncommited crime

the things you see out the corner of your eye

your immortal soul when you die

i’ll be your lifelong friend

the chill air that makes your hair stand on end

the message you send

i’ll be the lick on the back of your stamp

i’ll make you damp

i’ll be the tongue among your teeth

your above below beneath

i’ll be your rainbow

your time to go

your limit your level

your cousin neville

your final conquest

your day of rest(lesness)

your sticky fingers

your songs and singers

i’ll be the ground you walk on

the phone you talk on

i’ll be your conversation

your pregnant paws

your perfect flaws

your screams of delight

your day

your night

the cash in your pocket

the door when you lock it

your front door mat

your dog your cat

your pet hates and wildest desires

i’ll be your gun when it fires

your bullet hole

your second skin

your third world

your forth road bridge

your scratch and your itch

i’ll be the one you love

your heavens above

your basement below

i’ll be the hot red blood that flows

round your veins

the madness that drives you insane

your past your future

the trousers that suit you

your fatal mistakes

your leg when it breaks

your information super highway

i’ll be you when you do it my way

your last night on earth

all that your worth

i’ll be your values and morals

your jacques cousteau corals

your shark

your birthmark

your distinguishing feature

your loudmouthed preacher

your herd of sheep

your snores when you sleep

i’ll stand up for you

lie down for you

roll over stroll over

i’ll walk your way

be the games you play

your credit card fraud

your one and only lonely god

i’ll be your trap in an elevator

your fear of alligators

your snakeskin jacket

i’ll be your golden cigarette packet

your cure for cancer

i’ll be the question and the answer

your antique

your freak

your frown

your dressing gown

your underarm odour

your age as you get older

i’ll be your swollen pride

the place where you hide (inside)

the hair on your head

the things you wish you’d said instead

the butterflies in your stomach

the swing in your hammock

your sun when it sets

your breakfast baguettes

i’ll be your common market

your car when you park it

your pill when you pop it

your voice when you drop it

i’ll be the pants round your ankles

your aunts and your unkles

i’ll be your guilty conscience

your load of nonsense

the beat of your heart

your worlds apart

i’ll be your expanding universe

your coffin your hearse

your absent father

the strength you gather

i’ll be your ashes to dust

the jam on your crust

your isolation

your last temptation

i’ll be your loudest laugh

your faded photograph

your long vacation

your last temptation

i’ll be your happy accident

your foreign accent

the things you meant

the cash you spent

the books you lent

the way you went

i’ll be your sole survivor

your rolled up fiver

your taxi driver

your bouncing cheque

your discotheque

your zen meditation

the claws on your crustation

the train at your station

your sweet liberation

i’ll be your doctor and your patient

i’ll wait for you

hate for you

love you love you

hold the heavens above you


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