Be the change you want to see in the world. – Gandhi

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I woke up this morning feeling a little hopeless and that is so unlike me.  I have just gotten worn down with all the negative media reports and not enough inspirational voices to balance out all the negativity the news spews.  It’s almost as if we are being challenged to the highest degree to overcome.  I will never understand the joy in seeing people suffer for any type of gain, whether it be financial gain or power.  And so, if we want a better life for ourselves and our children, we must overcome but how do we do it.

My question this morning was, in a world so vast, why aren’t there more inspirational leaders stepping up and encouraging us to see the possibilities, to show us the way to a better future, to highlight the positives, so that we can have some hope, something to smile about during such a chaotic time.

I was watching Lord of the Rings, Fellowship of the Ring last night.  And this scene with Gandalf stayed with me.

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The world needs more leaders to represent the good for all mankind and not just one group of people.  I know that not everyone is meant to be a leader but those who are strong enough and in a position to empower should step forward.  I know there are many people who share my sentiment and are growing as frustrated as I am.

There are potential leaders out there who are at the edge of their seats, just waiting for their moment to shine, to lead us in a better direction.  I hope they get the courage to stand up soon, because there are souls waiting to connect to their inner goodness, waiting to feel empowered, waiting for you to shine a light on the way.  Let’s teach them to be great, to not fear the unknown. Let’s tell them they are unstoppable, unbreakable, and can be inspirational.  Let’s teach them to make a difference and bring us up as people.

It can be mentally and emotionally exhausting to read about all the negative comments and news highlighting only what’s wrong in the world or exploiting the adversities we face for their own gain, whatever that may be.  Those messages are not empowering to anyone, especially the young minds of the world.  If there is something negative shared, there should also be something positive shared to balance it.  We discredit ourselves when all we do is post and celebrate the negative. Something inside us dies a little more everyday.  We lose hope. 🙁


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