The beauty of nature’s feather dusters….

I recently posted this first picture on my Vanilla Clouds Facebook page but I figured I should share it here as well …along with a few other shots of those beautiful feather dusters!

This first picture is a favorite of mine for reasons I really can’t describe..but the most amazing part is that pictures like this only happen by accident. It’s the kind of landscape I would love to be looking at while stretching in the morning with a cup of delicious organic coffee very close by.  I could never have intentionally taken such an interesting picture. SONY DSC SONY DSCSONY DSC SONY DSCWhich reminds me of something a college professor said to our class repeatedly during our time with her, which I will never forget.  While critiquing our work…she said, ” anything can be pretty,…but to be interesting..leaves the door open for the mind to ponder and linger there out in the middle of nowhere. Now that’s a compliment!”   Hopefully you enjoy them as much as I do!  Since then, I have always strive to do interesting work.  I don’t know if I always succeed but I certainly try!


These images were taken at Epworth by the Sea, GA.


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