Can you make a mistake and miss your fate? – Carrie Bradshaw


arggg.., have you every felt this way? I certainly have…and then I come to my senses…

but right before I come to my senses, I hit a low…I think what if I had done things differently?   Then comes the horrifying band aid process, where you think that you could possibly say something to remedy the situation.  Most of the time, as I have realized, it’s a done deal..and it’s something that you have to live with.  

I understand now, that all of this, the panic, the paranoia, the band aid process stemmed from insecurity.  Unfortunately it’s something you learn as you get older and start to love yourself, flaws and all.  We have our path, our lessons to learn…and if it’s any different, we may miss something grandiose that will have helped us deal with something later on in life.  So, I suppose these lesson are necessary.  At least that’s how I see it.

So, the best thing we can do, is be accountable.  Learn from it and move forward.  Don’t dwell in it because guilt does not help you progress.  Guilt holds you back.  Try and be more self aware, more conscientious…at the end of the day just try to be better. xo



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