Do things that bring you closer to peace….


Very often, all around you, you will hear a multitude of complaints about people being in situations that they are not happy about yet from what you can tell, don’t seem to be doing anything about it.  I often wonder what keeps someone in a place of unhappiness when it is clearly obvious this situation is holding them back or stressing them out.  What differentiates one person who has the determination to lose the unwanted weight even when the situations are not ideal, from that person who keeps putting it off and makes a million and one excuses as to why they can’t do it and protests about how you don’t understand.  What is it that motivates one particular person to hussle their butts off to find another job when the current one is making them miserable from someone who painstakingly tolerates a mediocre experience day in and day out.

My gut tells me that no one would ever intentionally choose to be in a situation that didnt make them happy or benefit them.  So my only conclusion would be that there has to be some internal resistance coming from somewhere.  Without even needing to get into specifics, for everyones like is unique, I’d prefer to focus on how do we get to that point where we are strong enough to make a change.  How do we get over that hump that holds us back, that keeps us down in that dark place of insecurity. 

I think the answer is, to do things that bring you closer to peace.   So, be forgiving to yourself and start slow at a nice pace, but don’t be stagnant… Think about things that make you intrinsicly happy and do a little of them each day, each week or whenever you can.   You can get to that place of peace or at least closer to it, but you have to muster up the courage to take that first step.  Once you see the change happen, it will inspire you and encourage you.  It isn’t something that happens overnight…it’s a process. xo


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