Don’t be a dreamcrusher!


Porthos dreams of being a bear, and you want to shatter those dreams by saying he’s just a dog? What a horrible candle-snuffing word. That’s like saying, ‘He can’t climb that mountain, he’s just a man’, or ‘That’s not a diamond, it’s just a rock.’ Just.”

I’m so happy that I’ve been able to realize this important lesson above and now try my best to surround myself with people who raise me up, support me, and respect me.  In the past, I have been in a place of insecurity and immaturity and as a result, kept my mouth shut when I should have taken a stand or I stayed in the sidelines when I should have allowed myself to shine. 

Sometimes, your gut tells you what the right thing to do is, but that can be a very lonely moment or moments because the right thing isn’t always the popular thing.  I say, be brave and do it anyway.  You may have times when you feel lonely and like you are a minority, but stick it out and be true to yourself.  I’m confident, that in time, you will attract people who share and respect your views. 

I try and always remember that people are giving you advice from their own eyes and therefore that advice is tainted with their life experiences, their failures as well as their successes.  It’s impossible not to let these things affect our opinions when giving advice. 

People will tell you that you can’t do it, because they couldn’t do it. And that is a terrible reason not to try. xo


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