“Every woman has the exact love life she wants” – The Wedding Date

I’ve always loved this line from the movie, The Wedding Date.  The premise is a woman(Debra Messing) hires a male escort (Dermot Mulroney) to be her date at her sisters wedding in England.  Her goal is to make an ex-boyfriend jealous but as the story unfolds,…a series of unfortunate and fortunate incidents happen as this male escort teaches her to let go of the past and believe in herself.

Anyhow, I was doing my usual internet searches and as it turns out, many other people share my admiration of this quote and seek it’s meaning as well.  Here are a few snippets from an article I read:

This quote means that whatever circumstance your love life faces, you are making the choice for it to be that way.  But, many women get themselves wrapped up into a victim mentality. A victim mentality is the opposite of making a choice.  A victim believes that all of the choices were made for her, and a victim usually lives her problematic life enjoying it.  Women, unlike men to a large extent, feel guilty for all of their problems.  Guilt looks to the past and to what cannot be undone.  Responsibility looks to the future and to what can be created with what you have available to you right now. 

Woman tend to go out to a bar and have a round of martini’s discussing man troubles. It’s a night out! 

Unfortunately, the victim mentality is everywhere and it’s always being shown to you.  It’s on TV, soap operas, movies, the theater, your mom.

People are rewarded for being victims and losing at life, being pushed around by their circumstances rather than grabbing life by the balls and making their own choices about how they want to live.

There is a great fear that once she makes the choice to live by her freewill, she will no longer feel valued by others.  When she lives by choice, validation drops away and instead of the validation once received from others, they become jealous. Most women have crappy love lives and they want you to live it right there with them.  We are all selfish and want what’s best for us.

It’s like this: 10% of people grab life by the balls and the other 90% are jealous of them, and the jealousy is disguised in disrespect, anger, insults, rudeness.  The very first thing to achieving the love life you want is to take responsibility.  Nothing can come if that does not come first.  It means that your life is your own responsibility and no chromosome, no friend and TV drama show is going to hold you back from making your own choices, and because of that, you are given tremendous power.  You no longer have to stand by and watch things happen to you.  You have the choice to make things happen for you.

Wow, couldn’t have said it better myself!!!  Please take a few minutes if you can and read the article in it’s entirety here.  http://www.yintegrity.com/blog/every-woman-has-the-exact-love-life-she-wants


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