Everything Has Consciousness….


Last weekend, after listening to Mr.Osteens sermon in the AM and my mid morning workout, I dragged myself to meditation class because as I had mentioned in my last post, I was really in need of a little spirit boost.  On top of the whole Valentine thing, I’ve been experiencing some slight anxiety brought on by an unwanted guest, let’s call him Micky.

This guest seems to know my schedule and has been terrorizing me by leaving little signs of his presence first in my kitchen and now in my living area.  I’m guessing he moved venue’s because I meticulously cleaned that area with the strongest peppermint oil I could find, which I had heard was a deterrant.  Well, apparently Micky’s people have evolved and he or they have successfully avoided every possible trap that I have purchased and placed in an effort to force him out of my space since at the end of the day, only one of us is paying rent.

Ironically, the topic of this meditation lecture was, “Everything Has Consciousness” and therefore should be respected or given some sort or respect.  Isn’t that a hoot, as I chuckled to myself.  Apparently, even the annoying mosquito that you swat away which seems like a very unimportant action, is quite important to that mosquito, for you have just taken his life.  It makes you a bit more conscientious of everything around you.  I hate when things make me think, well, actually I love it when things make me think…but this is a really hard one to grasp.

Anyway, it certainly made me think about these poor mice living in filth and basically scavenging their way through life.   Buddhism gives this idea of compassion real meaning by identifying that this mouse became a mouse because he brought upon himself a lower rebirth through his karmic actions.  Basically, he was a very bad human in his previous life, so bad, that he has come back to be a scavenger living in filth.  Therefore he deserves your compassion.

Thankfully, he did manage to throw in that such things like swatting a mosquito or getting rid of a mouse will not necessarily tarnish your karma forever. We can easily be purified by doing good deeds.  Woooh, I was sooo glad to hear this, because if there is one thing that I cannot tolerate, it’s rodents.  So, off to the store I went to by some more traps and things to discourage Mickey from shacking up with me. Wish me luck!! xo


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