Fear the unknown, but never let it stop you….


Its a gal thing 2

So, for the past few months, I’ve been trying to figure out ways to complete my new project for Invitons.  My goal is always to do unique, interesting work.  So, it takes lots of awareness of whats new, trendy, interesting, many late nights, a million revisions, many instances of mistakenly saving over my work, lots of instances when I completely forget where I’ve saved important images,etc..etc…  but the final result always makes it worth it for me!

I remember when I was a teenager, I would make 70% of my clothing..and most of the clothes I made were not intentional, i.e. I began with the goal of making a certain thing but the finished product would be something completely different or a certain variation of the original idea.  These revisions or variations were results of my remedying mistakes that I had made in the process.  Mistakes that occurred because I was trying something new, something I had seen on someone or in a magazine.  I had no formal training on how to sew, but my mom sewed and so did my grandmother. 

 As an artist, we see the final visual image and well, it my mind, the visual is perfect but I didn’t always have the technique correct, actually, I probably never had the technique correct, but it didn’t mean the clothes were any less effective, in fact, I always received compliments on things.   

I find myself experiencing the same kind of thing with my work now.  I start out with an idea and where it leads me is virtually anywhere!  I know this now because of experience and so, I’m comforted knowing that the ideas will come.  I just need to be confident in my abilities, keep trying, seek inspiration where ever it may come from and just wait…

Above is another example of one of my virtual cards…well, it’s the first draft 😉 xo


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