Finding Inspiration and Reinventing…

There are seasons when I don’t feel inspired, I don’t feel a particular pull towards any artistic direction and then ofcourse, there are seasons when I am just lazy.  I think we all go through this and most of the time, I am actually watching myself go through this, telling myself, “ok, girl, go through your thing, enjoy this lazy phase, don’t panic that you aren’t feeling inspired…but don’t ever let yourself get used to it.”

Now that the summer is over, and as we welcome the chilly fall, I am a little less anxious to be outside.  So, it’s time to put all these ideas that I’ve been too lazy to pursue, into motion!

I’ve been thinking about recipe cards for a while now… I see it as a way to put positive affirmations in front of our faces in everyday life.  So, I’ve done them in my own little Vanilla Clouds fashion.  Please check out some of my prototypes below!  Should I make these in sets of 10, 20?  They don’t need to be personalized..but I thought that would be a great feature!  Any tips?  Email me at

Front sides/Back sides:

zebra-abs perfectzigzag-insidebirds-coverbirds-insidezigzag-zebra-inside


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