Finding that Inner Goodness again….


I was chatting with one of my gal friends the other day and it seems we were both reflecting on similar things.  That is, why do we find comfort in things of the past, be it an old dress, or a special necklace, a book, an old friend, or even an old boyfriend. 

It occurred to me that perhaps these are symbols that take us back to another place in time and although that time may have appeared difficult in the moment, from where we are standing now, it’s quite opposite.   I envy youth because when you haven’t been burned, you are so beautifully naive and wonderfully open to vulnerability.  It is only when we are like this that one can truly feel and learn things.  When I really think about it, compared to how in tune, open and sensitive I was in the past, I feel as though I am practically numb sometimes.

These little symbols remind us of our inner goodness, how beautiful we were when we started this voyage.  They show us the beautiful gem that existed before we felt that we had to be someone else or act some other way in order to be accepted or to blend in.

These symbols remind us that we were actually pretty great to begin with and that perhaps it’s time for us to dig deep and reconnect with that inner goodness. xo

Inspired by my chat with Ms.WendySue


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