Funny thing about Karma….


During these hard times, I find real comfort in attending local Buddhist meditation classes..and just my luck, there is a center literally 2 blocks away from me.  Now, I’m not uber religious, and never have been and I don’t preach but these classes give me the tools to work through normal every day life issues and not so normal issues, like Hurricane sandy for instance.  I have also noticed a stronger sense of peace in my days since I have been attending.

Everyone is going through their own things, and some people have higher thresholds for pain and suffering than others…so, what might affect you strongly may not affect the person next to you.  That’s why I think it’s important never to judge anyone and to really show simple compassion and to not try to pretend to understand what anyone else is going through.

Ok, back to my karma lesson.. so, there was something that had always troubled me when it came to helping someone less fortunate like a homeless person by offering them money.  We are often told not to give money to those begging for it because most likely they will use it for something other than food and just continue to suffer.  So, this has happened to me many times,…I see someone in need and feel compelled to dig in my pockets for at least a dollar because afterall this is a human being living in such awful conditions and it just breaks my heart each time.

Well, this class really helped to shed light on that internal issue I was having.  You see, what I learned is, it’s not the actual act that is measured but the intention behind the act…that said, it really doesn’t matter what the receiver does with my gift.  That is in fact his karma.  So, I can put my mind at ease, and give when I can and know that this deed is a small seed I am planting..kind of like the pay it forward idea!  I can pretty much apply this concept to anything I do..and it really does help me make better choices.

….and you should feel really comforted to know, that the good deeds that you do, cultivate love in your heart and this wonderful feeling goes with you anywhere you go. xoxo


2 thoughts on “Funny thing about Karma….

  1. Beautiful post Jo! Funny you talk about intentions because I’ve been reading “The Power of Intention” by Wayne Dyer and he talks about exactly that. I’ve been taking it to heart as well and it’s been making me feel more zen and less stressed as well.

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