Finding freedom through discipline….


Ahh what I wouldn’t give for a drag! Just one drag!

Scene from Ghost, Subway Ghost, (Looking longingly at a pack of cigarettes)

I aboslutely love this scene…and although I have never smoked, I can certainly understand what that felt like for the poor ghost who’s life got cut short and will never be able to taste something that he enjoyed!   Whether it’s been a piece of chocolate, a glass of wine, your favorite marinara pasta dish or much much bigger things…we have all had to give things up that we truly enjoyed.

It seems to me that if you want to have any sort of productive life, you have to constantly give things up, sacrifice or subsititute despite not being ready to do so.

Personally, I have a huge laundry list of things I’ve had to give up because of allergies I developed later in life and it’s common things that I can’t really avoid, like dust, fragrance in anything, chemicals, rubber,etc.. I also have rosacea which limits the kinds of foods I eat and asthma which just stinks all around.  I often joke with my friends that I should be living in a bubble.  Oddly enough I make it work and it goes quite unnoticed a lot of the times to most people, but certainly not to me.

You would never really know but I have to constantly recondition myself every day to accept that I can no longer do or eat or behave in the same manner as I did 5 years ago, 1 year ago or even sometimes yesterday. So, that means, minimal makeup(I adored makeup growing up), truly natural homemade products, limited sun, special diets, supplements, a change in workout routines, limited or no alcohol (which I think will never happen :-)etc..etc.  It’s an ongoing adjustment but the reality is, anything that we want to make part of our life and daily routine, requires a commitment and a constant conditioning.

A few years ago, I read a numeralogy book about how your birth numbers provide insite into your strengths and weaknesses in life.  I wish I could remember the name of the book.  Anyhow, after adding and dividing and coming up with a number, you had to match it to your life challenge.  My life challenge was  “find freedom through discipline”.  Now, I know this may not sound so profound but it definitely resonated with me because discipline has always been a very important aspect of my life and certainly is a quality in people that I am attracted to.  And as I encounter these issues, (although not the biggest things in the grand scheme of things) I realize that it is through discipline that I can achieve good results.

So, I may have to avoid the sun if I don’t want a blistering rash.  I may have to limit spicy food if I dont want hives.  I may have to use natural products if I want me face to be a normal color as opposed to beat read.  But on the bright side of things, I have saved so much money and hopefully since I limit sun time, my skin will be better to me when I’m older.  It’s also made it easier for me to give up things that aren’t necessarily going to benefit me and has strengthened my willpower.  I’m well aware that there are many people who have it worse than me.  So, I accept my lifes challenges and evertime I feel frustrated…I think to myself, “through discipline, I will find freedom” and that somehow gives me a sense of peace.

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