Go plant some gardens!

There is a breed of Chinese Bamboo plant that must be watered and fertilized for 4 years. During that time, there is no growth above the soil while below the ground, the plant is busy building a sophisticated root system. Then in the 5th year, this Chinese Bamboo plant may grow up to 80 feet.

So as you go about your day being loving and being at service to others, working hard at bringing your dream to fruition…. you may sometimes feel discouraged, unappreciated and un-noticed.  Like you are getting n0 where and that this whole process is pointless.  But it’s at these times that we have to be faitful and continue doing those little things because simliar to plants, our dreams need nurturing, training, wisdom and many other beautiful little things that make it all so much more worth it later on!  So keep the faith and go plant some gardens!!  xoxo



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