The Power of Silence

Vanilla Clouds

The power of silence is priceless.  Over the past few weeks, I have been seeking inspiration and hope.  I was reading through my notes taken while listening to past lectures and books I’ve read and I came across a section called “the power of silence“.   I thought to myself, how can one find the strength to be silent when you are angry and have so much to say.  How can you hold your tongue when you hear someone speaking completely lacking empathy, compassion, kindness.  The truth is, sometimes, it is impossible to hold back your emotions but at times, being silent is the best response.

I love this quote by Ajahn Brahm, ” it’s the empty things that make noise, would you rather be a babbling brook or a great river that flows silently, majestically through your life? Vanilla Clouds

Sometimes the best, most powerful and peaceful answer is silence.  I would never wish anything bad on someone because I understand that people who are negative and express hateful and mean words are suffering and only projecting what is inside of them.  I feel pity for them because they have to live with themselves and their negative minds. So instead, it’s important for our own health and peace of mind to relinquish control and allow Karma to take it’s course.  Vanilla Clouds


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