How do we keep our heart open but stay in our own power?









 I stumbled upon this wonderful blog through my research.  This line in her story really stood out to me because it is something I have always struggled with.  ” The relationship between strength and surrender,” as she puts it.   I’m sure you know what I am referring to…it’s the whole challenge of being yourself and being true to who you are how but at the same time understanding the difference of loving another person and losing yourself. 

She also makes a very good point in that sometimes we are struggling so hard to identify the things we presume are harmful to us, that we end up attracting them by constantly focusing on them whether it be consciously or subconsciously.  And well, as a result, we end up projecting this on the very person we are desiring a different behaviour from.

It’s hard to wrap my head around it entirely at this moment but I felt compelled to share…and admittedly so, I’ve been a bit of a slacker when it comes to strengthening my spirituality lately.  I find it so hard to stay focused in the summer but I am realizing that I am craving a shift in my life and the only way to realize what this shift is, is to get more spiritual and focused.

So, if you have a second, read this blog story and allow yourself to contemplate for a few minutes. xo


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