I am a push girl. When you can’t stand up, stand out.

I love this show,..for a million different reasons.  The spirit these girls have, reminded me of a story a Professor I had at my university, Fashion Institute of Technology shared with the class one day.  He said when he was in college, he and his professor were sitting on the steps of his university library and they saw a man walking with one leg and a cane, clearly struggling but certainly determined.  My professor said to his professor, wow, when I see someone like that, it makes me really grateful for all I have.  His professor replied, it’s when you don’t need to see something or someone like that to make a difference in your attitude, is when you have really accomplished something.  I thought it was a great story and a lesson. I’ve never forgotten it.

Push Girls is a show about 4 girls who, through accident or illness, have been paralyzed from the neck or waist down.  These woman were and still are actresses, dancers, athletes and very much like any girl/woman you might know.  They have dreams, aspirations, hopes, and goals.  Their determination, drive and spirits are truly inspiring and everytime I get the chance to watch it, it sparks a little light inside me.  If you get the chance, google the show or watch, I promise you, you will be inspired too.




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