I feel the closest to you when I am sleeping… 4 days til VDay

Because he needed to know how special his touch was
 If I close my eyes for just a moment
I can feel your tender touch
If I quiet my thoughts and just be still
I can remember what I liked so much
 If I closed my eyes for just some time
I can feel your lips once more
If I quiet my thoughts and I am tranquil
I can almost taste your allure 
But what if I close my eyes really tight
And quiet my thoughts like the oceans night
And I forget the feel of your touch
But I crave your body oh so much 
Would you come soon and reclaim my aching heart
Would you come soon and remind me of the start 
Of how affecting one can be
And how compelling I can see
How a simple touch to me
Could make me feel so shiny 
When I am peaceful, when I am still
When I close my eyes and I am tranquil
by me xoxo

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