“I love you, but I love myself more.”-Samantha (Sex in the City)

So, let’s talk about this…what exactly does this mean?   It doesn’t come from a position of arrogance or conceit.  This statement comes from a position of self worth.  Sometimes you give so much of yourself to something, someone or a situation and you have nothing left of yourself.  You almost become a robot programmed to make someone else’s dreams and desires come true.  But what about you? Don’t you deserve to have a dream, to have a life, to realize your own dreams and to rise to your own potential.  Well you do, and somehow you may have lost your way but it takes a minute to change your direction…


2 thoughts on ““I love you, but I love myself more.”-Samantha (Sex in the City)

  1. and then everything will make sense… cause it takes two complete individuals to make it work. You must remain searching for what ever it is you are meant to do regardless of the importance of love in your life. Cause the love that really matters wont need you to sacrifice yourself in order to make it happen.

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