I will champion you….












You may think that I am being harsh, righteous, indignant or maybe even jealous…but it’s actually none of those.  I am your biggest fan, I want only the best for you and sometimes you can’t see that what you are doing is keeping you from the best.  Sometimes, you don’t give yourself enough credit, you let things, people steal your spirit.  You allow other people’s opinions and actions to ruin your day.  You believe that you aren’t enough and that you can’t do it alone.  But I want you to know, that none of that is true… You are stronger, better, bigger, wiser and truly more special than you think.  You need only believe it and the delusions will wither away like ashes in the wind.  It’s not easy, I know this..so, while you are struggling, I will champion you the entire way until you are strong enough to do it on your own. xo


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