I will keep my rose colored glasses on, thank you.

I remember my first boyfriend telling me as he pat me on my head, something along the lines of,..“you’re so cute, you look at things through rose colored glasses.  Then he grinned and said, that will change”.  That really hurt my feelings when he said that, but it was only because I didn’t really know who I was, I had no self esteem.  People can say many cruel things to you, but the only time it really permeates us is when there is a chance of some truth in it or we have self doubt.SONY DSC

“To share your weakness is to make yourself vulnerable; to make yourself vulnerable is to show your strength.” ― Criss Jami


This would continue to happen to me throughout my twenties and I would second guess myself many times and also felt like I was a weak person because I chose to be optimistic, and to see the best in people and things.  It would also infuriate me at times when people tried to get me to be more pessimistic or “realistic” as they called it.  When I think back on this, it sounds utterly ridiculous but that’s what happens when you are trying to figure out who you are and at the same time trying to be relevant to your social life, fit in and be “cool”.   I realize now that I was strong because I was resistant to blending in.


It still happens to me from time to time but now I just kind of let it go.  People create their own prisons most of the time and as this Buddhist Monk I follow once said, “Any place you don’t want to be, becomes your prison”.  You can either create a positive environment you can flourish in or an environment that’s filled with fear, cynicism and negativity that you are eternally trying to escape.  It’s always your choice.  SONY DSC

So, to those who thought my optimistic outlook on life was a fickle phase,..I say to you, “thank you very much, but my rose colored glasses are here to stay“! xo


Pictures above are taken by me on our lovely island.  I have always loved the dramatics of black and white photos, but I do enjoy beautiful color as well.  The decision to use the black and white version was a tough one,..nonetheless, I suppose I could post the color versions at some point also 🙂  I’m also having some lens issues 🙁 it may soon be time to get a new camera.  boooo


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