If I wasn’t meant to fly, I wouldn’t have these wings….


I’d like to loosely quote something from a lecture I heard a few weeks ago…  Death is the most significant moment of your life, because it is at that moment that your life becomes relavent.  By this I mean, it is at that moment in a flash, that you evaluate everything you have done in your life good and bad.  In that moment, it becomes very clear whether you have made a positive contribution to your family, friends, or to this world.

I’ve been thinking about this quote ever since I heard it a few weeks ago and it’s definitely inspired me to really think about my actions more thoroughly.

I write this post with both feelings of thanks and some feelings of sadness as someone I love very much is sick and will most likely not make it through the holidays.  I know I am not alone as we all tend to reflect on these kinds of things during the holidays, and those moments aren’t always the most pleasant and after the devastation of Hurricane Sandy, I’m sure we are all having moments like this.

If I wasn’t meant to fly, I wouldn’t have these wings…. I saw this quote on the back of someone’s tshirt at the gym.  We can’t change anyone, no matter how much we want to…and that can really suck sometimes, but we can change ourselves and sometimes by changing ourselves, we inspire other people to change as well.

Wishing you a wonderful, peaceful, filled with love kind of a Thanksgiving Day!! xo


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