If you say my eyes are beautiful, it’s because there looking at you….


I know..I know..it’s kind of cheezy but something happens to me on the inside when I hear this song.  I think everyone has one of these songs.  It sort of touches you immediately.  I think for me, the reason why it touches me, goes back to an article I read once about babies.  The story talked about how a baby sees so much in your eyes when you look at them.  A baby can sense when you come in and look at them with dissapointment, or frustration, with sadness as well as excitement, pride and love.  As adults we can sense this in people we encounter and most of us have the maturity to control how it affects us but an innocent baby does not.  A child is influential and looks to you for everything.  It’s so important to instil in children wonderful hope, pride and love if we want them to be even minimally successful.  Think about this the next time you see a child…and even an innocent animal.  They sense your energy more than you can ever imagine. xo



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