Life is like the seasons, sometimes it can be windy, dry, rainy or sunny..but each season has a major role.

The Search 
The sun will soothe my woes
And the sand will warm my toes 
The trees, the flowers, bring tranquility
The mountains, the oceans, instill a peace in me 
Take me to a place
For you I will leave no trace 
How I arrive is not quite clear
I will close my eyes and have no fear 
I am in search of that mirror
That will remind me of my smile
A different perspective, a different style 
A sea of love, an ocean of glory
A river of souls, an epic story
by me

Every now and again, I find myself at a point where I feel like I may be getting what I want but I am not getting what I need….and I then read this poem which I wrote many years ago and realize that life is very cyclical.  A preacher I listen to on occasion, described life as seasons.  You have seasons of growth, seasons of reflection, seasons of loss and ofcourse seasons of gain and abundance.  Each season prepares you for the next and so, each season is necesssary for growth.  So I will be patient with myself and really be quiet and try to listen to what it is that I need at this moment.  Because in the end, you owe it to yourself to be true to you.  It takes a lot of strength and courage to do this but you deserve to be happy.


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