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“Books help to form us. If you cut me open, you will find volume after volume, page after page, the contents of every one I have ever read, somehow transmuted and transformed into me. Alice in Wonderland. the Magic Faraway Tree. The Hound of the Baskervilles. The Book of Job. Bleak House. Wuthering Heights, etc, etc.  What a strange person I must be. But if the books I have read have helped to form me, then probably nobody else who ever lived has read exactly the same books, all the same books and only the same books as me. So just as my genes and the soul within me make me uniquely me, so I am the unique sum of the books I have read. I am my literary DNA.”Susan Hill

I love this quote! I know now that my books formed my opinions and shaped my preferences, honed my skills, confirmed my likes and fulfilled my needs emotionally…but I never really knew why I was drawn to books as younger person.

Books are such a personal thing and I remember having a conversation with someone close to me not too long ago who put down the books I had read in the past and implied I should be reading the things he read.  I initially took a strong offense to that before I realized that it takes wisdom to really understand why and how books are so personal.  I don’t say this arrogantly, but he is still very young and when you’re young, if you like something and it works for you, you naturally want to share that experience with others and you can become defensive or take it personal when that person passes on your idea or suggestion.  When you are wiser, you let go of these kinds of needs and controls,..or so we should.  “The only true wisdom is in knowing you know nothing”-Socrates.

Albeit, some people have a better way to communicate things they want to share.  His wasn’t so great at it!  I think that if we are looking to grow and have an open mind, we are drawn to things we need and if my soul is soothed by this kind of book, why would your choice of book soothe my soul when you are a completely different person with completely diffeent personal experiences and needs as a result. 

I always loved reading romantic stuff, loved the hero, whether it be poems, books, ..I also loved anything inspirational and anything that taught me the strength to overcome things.  I loved fashion magazines, loved absolutely anything to do with makeup, loved the teachings of Buddhism, I really enjoyed reading about what influenced people to overcome hardships..and to do amazing things,  whether it was art, or architecture, fashion, science, or a simple nice gesture.  So, I guess, I too am my literary DNA and I am so glad I stuck with it, because that is what makes me, me. 🙂 xo


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