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I’ve been doing a little research on the importance of making your house, or apartment, your home.  By this I mean, making it someplace you want to come home to, a place that is symbolic of you, a place that makes you feel good deep inside.  A place that when you wake up, you actually smile and think to yourself, this feels beautiful.   I always aim to make my place feel this way,..having a spiritual connection to my surroundings is very important to me.  Having a place that nurtures my talents, needs and goals has become an essential part of my life.   So, if you are like me…and your house is your home or you want to make it your home.  Here are some tips, I’ve lifted from Oprah’s site:
Oprah says there are 3 rules that should guide you when making your house your own:
1. Everything you own should have value, either because it’s functional or beautiful or you just love it. I fally prey to this often. I’m a super impulse buyer and if I feel somethings speaks to my nature, I immediately want to buy it, even if I have no space for it, or have too much of the same, etc.. I’t becomes harder when you’re the kind of person that has many interests.  I was always very crafty, so by the time I had hit my mid-twenties, I had sewing crafts, painting tools, jewelry making gadgets, how to books on everthing, etc.  Through the years, I have toned down my impulsiveness thankfully and now just focus on one kind of art at a time although there is a large trunk under my bed filled with a few things I have not been able to part with. 🙂
2. Every item needs a place where it “lives.”   I think this is super important and I am definitely guilty of this especially with my mail.  I do know that when I spend an extra 10 minutes hanging things up, sorting the mail, doing the dishes, picking up random things I’ve tossed around during the week, I feel so much more at peace.  I almost feel like I have it together, and if someone happened to come by, they would be impressed with my place’s tidy appearance 🙂  Afterall, your place is a representation of you..and if you’re living in a cluttered place, there’s a chance that you might portray this to the outside world as well in some way or another.  It may not necessarily physically, but perhaps in the choices you make or the way you process things.  It’s something to think about.
3. Focus on one thing at a time.   We have all probably been guilty of this,..we start one project, get can’t afford to finish, get distracted, then begin another project, stop that, go back to the first, etc.   Having uncompleted projects creates clutter and is just all around unsettling.  It’s important to see things from start to finish, it builds a sense of accomplishment within you.   Luckily, this is one trait I am not too bad at.  I try and set tangible goals so that I can get them done.  It’s probably my impatience that doesn’t allow me to leave things undone, but in these cases, I think my impatience may be helpful.
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