My latest Invite!

you are invited5-chrysler new colors

I have been working on new illustrations for a while now.  An illustration can take me up to one day to complete and then countless days of tweaking, not to mention changing the colors once I match it to a background I am happy with.  More times than not, I complete illustrations and don’t like the way they turn out so I start all over with a new concept.  Sometimes I have to force myself to stop when nothing I do is pleasing to me visually.  Ofcourse, there are those moments, when the illustration comes out great the first time and I love the outfit and colors so much, that I become married to it and find the background that suits her.  It’s a lot of fun for the most part.

Last Sunday, I committed myself to shooting for a few hours in the Times Sq area.  I took about 200 shots and salvaged about 50, which I was happy about.  The above shot is of the Chrysler building, shot from the 42nd street side of Bryant Park.  I’ve got a few more great shots to use, but I am in need of some illustation inspiration!!  Hopefully it comes to me this weekend! xo


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