No matter who you are, everyone wants an experience….


One day last week, it had occurred to me that everyone has the opportunity to make someone else’s experience a little bit better especially when they are an employer or someone providing a service.  I was mostly inspired by the whole employer/employee dynamic.  What I mean specifically is that, if you are in the position to employ someone, I can’t help but feel that you have a responsibility to ensure that as a person in a “possible” mentor or leadership position, you should be conscious of providing that employee with the best possible experience.

So many employers do not possess the ability or perhaps don’t take the time to think about the people they employ and what kind of experience they are looking for and are entitled to as a human beings trying to be happy.

I have had many experiences where it is blatant that the sole goal of my position is to make money for my employer or to participate in an assembly line, each one of us performing a task for the end goal which I can assure you was never saving a life, although they would have you think otherwise.  It seems to me, that we become brainwashed into thinking that this is actually a personal challenge that we should take on and feel passionate about.  Yet it leaves us wondering, what is it that I am getting from this experience that will help me grow.

What I think people in employee positions neglect to realize is that we are all looking for an experience.  We all want to be happy doing something.  We all want to know that what we do adds value, we want to feel rewarded, we want things to have some sort of meaning.  I realize that there are people who seem to just work for the money, however, I have a feeling, that if they had a choice, they would be doing something that could make them money, while making them happy.

My message to employers is, don’t be so self centered.  If’ you dont have the skills to help your employees, get them, but don’t get so wrapped up in your own goals and forget that employees have goals of their own.  Help them get there.  I am positive that if you help provide them with a bit of the kind of experience they are looking for, they will in turn provide you with exactly the kind of experience you are looking for from them. xo

My little blog post above was inspired by my own personal experience.  This article titled “At work, feeling good matters” ,it in depth.


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