No thank you, I’m not gonna go there….

I think we can apply this line to anything that brings us discomfort or takes us to a place of negativity.  I was watching Joel Osteen Saturday morning while I was preparing my smoothie before my gym workout.  I like to listen to positive things on weekend mornings while I’m cleaning and doing random things.  Sometimes I need it a little more, and this weekend was one of those weekends. 

I hate to admit it, but I think Valentine’s Day looming around the corner, may be the culprit.  You can’t help but see all the hearts and cards and things in the stores.  It kind of just reminds you that you don’t have a significant other.  It also then makes you reflect and re-analyze things in your past and what could have, should have been, which at this point in time is just pure torture.

Apparently, the negative memories are harder to process and take up more space, which could indicate why we tend to drum up more negative memories than positive.  Nonetheless, as Joel says, we must force ourselves to change the channel when something negative and capable of bringing our spirits down creeps in.  So, as hard as it is…when a certain thought creeps into your mind, a thought that has no significance anymore…a thought that you have already dissected a million times, a thought that will only bring you down, stop dead in your thoughts and say, NO THANK YOU, I’M NOT GONNA GO THERE!

….and then you mosey your little butt to your yoga class, cooking class, gym class, museum, mountain, or whatever hobby, past time makes you happy and you make new beautiful memories. xo


2 thoughts on “No thank you, I’m not gonna go there….

  1. i completed related to what you said Jo. When someone says, “why do you focus on the negative”, im going to reply “because the negative memories are harder to process and take up more space”!!! 😉 I agree that this is a very hard time when were single and focus on relationships that didnt work out. Its a time when i think that im the only one feeling this way. So, thank you for your very insightful perspective.

    • Hey melissa,…you’re definitely not the only one, it’s just that everyone doesn’t actually say what they are thinking for fear that it makes them sound silly or weak, male and female, Valentine’s day is really hard to avoid when it’s everywhere you look. I think it’s natural that we reflect on these things…but remember, the grass is always greener. There are so many things that we can be grateful for, just keep reminding yourself of that..xoxoxo sending you hugs and kisses…Happy valentine’s Day!!!

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