Of course I’m ambitious. What’s wrong with that? Otherwise you sleep all day.- Ringo Starr

 The good stuff is under the skin!

Young people are awesome, I actually really enjoy the silliness, naivety and impressionable mind of a young person.  Once you have been loved, battered and bruised by life’s experiences, you become less impressionable and replace that openness with actual opinions based on your own experiences in life.  Whether these are positive or negative experiences or whether this concept is good or bad doesn’t matter.  It’s just what happens no matter how hard you try to be open. 

There are some valuable things you do gain though when you grow wiser in age and that is, you begin to know yourself and what makes you really happy on the inside.  I say this, assuming that we all do take the time to be honest with ourselves when no one is looking or listening.  I know that we all like supericial things, be it a nice car, a beautiful pair of shoes, jewelry, makeup,etc.. but if we are really honest with ourselves, these things don’t fulfill us entirely, it’s sort of like the decorations on a Christmas tree.  You can put the best balls and beads, lights and garland on a tree, but if the tree is an unealthy, straggly pale looking tree, it will be quite obvious what you are trying to do.  Beyond the beautiful lights and beads, you will see a tree that perhaps has not received enough sunshine, or has not been nourished enough by water.  You will see a tree that is unfullfilled , unkept and unhealthy, making it impossible to withstand the weight of these superficial tactics.  

Learning to know what you want and what makes you happy is invaluable because you begin to recognize it when you see it from a mile away and can work towards it or better position yourself for these opportunities or experiences.  The best part is that people begin to recognize it in you as well.  You become more confident in your choices and care less about what others think. Your voice becomes wonderfully clear! So, there are things to look foward to as you become wiser in years. 🙂 xo

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