One day we will meet again….


Life has many my mom says..but it sounds so much cooler in Spanish, La vida tiene muchas vueltas!! People come back into your life that you never thought would and you somehow find it in your heart to accept them back in and it’s amazing because it means that you have both grown.  People also leave your life that you never thought would and it’s sad at times but I accept it because everyone is on their own path of growth.  Fighting it will only hold me back from experiencing the next thing that’s going to make me a better person, a stronger person, a kinder person.

And if one day, we meet again, I can smile to myself because it happened on it’s own. Because this massive world has turned and we have somehow found our selves face to face once more…and there’s just something really beautiful about that.

Dedicated to my buds from the All Star Cafe!


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