Pay it forward…This morning he did for me, this evening I did for her.

Has this ever happened to you…ofcourse it has, you just didn’t pay attention.  One morning I was in a super rush and my local metro machine wasn’t working..I walked a few blocks to the other station and all 3 of those machines were not working.  I had no cash and this man was experiencing the same thing but had cash with him and offered to pay my ride.  Now I know this is not a huge thing, but at that time, in that moment, it meant the world.  After he swiped me through(as we say in NY) I pitter pattered off very quickly in sort of a nervous demeanor down the platform, not really knowing what to say to this man other than thanks… but somehow it just didn’t seem like enough.  If you have ever been in this spot then you will totally get what I mean.  I was thinking..should I have offered him a coffee?? I mean… what do you say?

That same evening, while I was waiting on line to buy a new card at the booth, I noticed a young girl standing off to the side,..sort of in line but not really. I asked her if she was in line and she said she needed to speak with the booth clerk because she accidentally lost her Metro card.  I let her go in front of me and watched as the clerk dismissed her and said, basically to beg for a swipe from someone.  So, I simply helped her.  And as I sat in the subway car while it pulled away, I smiled to myself because, it hit me, this morning he helped me and this evening, I helped her… and at that moment, it all made sense.

This happens more often than we realize and the immense satisfaction I gained from simply returning the favor to the universe was priceless.  How awesome would it be if people just did nice gestures with no expectation of a reward.  A simple kind gesture done at the right time can mean the world to someone.


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