Seeing things through your own eyes….

How dull would the world be if we only saw things through the eyes of others and not our own…As I was riding my bike one sunny day through our beautiful little town, this thought occurred to me.

Oh how I love quaint little houses and sweet personal touches people add to their lawn that show their personality.  Little signs like the word Dream placed on their grass tells me someone in that house believes in striving for more, not settling.


Sometimes I am inspired, and I don’t know why….There is this little moon/star plaque placed on this ranch type looking house.  It immediately caught my eye because something about it connects with something in me and it tells me those folks have hope and will strive for the highest stars in the sky and they want to share that with passerby’s and encourage them as well.  How wise of them to know that this is needed and how strong of them to have the courage to display it.  Displaying this kind of thing isn’t always easy because there is a certain vulnerability that goes along with acknowledging that you feel hopeless sometimes but displaying this sign shows me, they have also decided that they are not giving up.  It’s a subtle message, but I received it. 🙂


Never let learned knowledge win over experience.  You could listen to a million beautiful stories, but there is nothing like seeing it through your own eyes.  Ever wondered why you have an innate joy for something? Ever feel touched by something and you can’t really put your finger on it as to why?  Well, if you think really long and hard, you will figure out why and understand why certain surroundings bring you peace and at the same time, certain things may disturb you.SONY DSC

It has to do with the how, when, where and who of “how you grew up” that shaped your thoughts, your needs, your likes, your dislikes, etc.  Sometimes these are brilliant talents and well, sometimes, these are bad habits 🙁  I believe if we are really in tune with our internal needs, we will sense a gravitation towards what we need in life and if we don’t fight it, we might actually get it. 🙂



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