Sometimes saying thank you, makes a world of a difference!

So, last night when I got home, I was pleasantly surprised to received my first “thank you” letter from someone who was inspired by my postcard titled “Making it Happen”.  This means to me more than I could ever possibly express.

Quoting a few of her comments, she wrote: ” I want to thank you personally for the adorable card stated “Making it Happen!”.  This now hangs above my makeup area.” 

I am a beauty blogger and working everyday to launch my online beauty magazine.  So, seeing a postcard that says, making it happen, is what I needed.

“Keep up the fantastic work!”

I spend a lot of time on my work, and I am a one woman show… sometimes I wish I could do more and be more productive and it gets frustrating.   But it’s these little treats that come my way that make me feel really complete for doing what I do and inspire me to continue and do more.  It really does fill me with this awesome joy that is impossible to describe.  It reminds me of this wonderful quote I read a long time ago which goes something like this, ” to a person who has never fallen in love, you could not prove that such a thing exists”.  

I will personally thank this person but I also want to say that I am super grateful and very humbled by anyone who does purchase my work or even just stops by to read my posts.  I hope that it brings you as much joy as it brings me to create it.  Find what you love…and do it!! You won’t be sorry! xoxo

Here is the link to postcard, “Making it Happen”.


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