Sunday clears away the rust of the whole week. – Joseph Addison

Begrudgingly so, my boyfriend becomes the subject of at least one of my pictures when I have my camera with me and we are out and about.  Today, like many other Sundays, we took a bike ride around our town in an attempt to find bits of history which we both enjoy and inspiration for me to practice and shoot pictures.  I never know what will catch my eye and even though it catches my eye, the picture doesn’t always deliver the inspiration I felt while taking it.  Here are few I liked!

DSC01764wtextAnimals are always great to shoot.  This is Angie.  Apparently, according to the little gal in the picture, this is Angie’s second name.  Angie didn’t like her first name, but she seems to really like this new one.  That’s always good since liking your name is pretty important 🙂


Like animals, kids are equally great to shoot.  The innocence shines through. Unfortunately, I can’t recall the little gals name…but in this shot, she was warning Angie to be careful because he was a little too close to the edge.  SONY DSC
Lovely Lane Chapel located in Epworth by the Sea. This property is owned by the United Methodist Church and is Christian Retreat.  However, the land happens to have a lot of history upon it dating back to the 1700’s, way to much for me to quote, but if you are curious, check it out here:

SONY DSCSONY DSCAnother place of  worship on the land.


I find acorns super photogenic.  It’s kind of an easy picture…so, no points for me there.


The shells on this bridge column were pretty interesting and also easy to shoot because of all the textures.  Brian says the bridge is made to rise with the tide.  You could see the traces of the water lines super high on these columns. Today, they were normal.


These flowers surrounded the Tabby House below.


From what we read on the plaque, this is a former slave house, restored by Epworth in 1995.

Tabby House



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