Support your Friends Journeys….

We live in a very self centered world where everyone thinks the things that are going on in their lives are the most important things..that their goals, their aspirations, dreams are the only ones worth fighting for, or worth helping.  I’ve noticed it all around me where so many people want you to contribute, comment, appear, support their causes, their ideas, their views, yet they don’t provide any of those blessings themselves. 

I know..I’ve heard it all before, well, I’m too busy, I’ve paid my dues, I don’t have the money, I don’t have the time, I’m not interested, I’ve got my own problems..etc., etc.  I hate to tell you this, but we all need each other, maybe not today, maybe not tomorrow, but someday at some point, we all need each other and the truth is, without each other, nothing happens .  One day you may need that person who was trying to kick start their little dream, or needed to be listened to and  he/she has now come into their own and they may not be available to you.  But had you planted the seed in their hearts when they needed it, that seed may have ripened at the very time you needed them.

We are all very busy and spread ourselves way too thin but some of us are truly blessed in different ways and it can be really powerful to share those blessings to those less fortunate.  You just never know when you will need that little boost of confidence, or that helping hand.  We have all been down in the dumps and when that helping hand is offered, it can really mean the world. xo

Picture above is me and my friend Lee Priest.  Lee and I met in our college years and we just instantly clicked back then.  He was by my side through a horrible relationship and 15 years later, we were blessed to come back into each others lives and it’s as if we had never lost touch.  It’s a very special feeling and hard to describe but if you have a Lee in your life, you would know. xoxo



One thought on “Support your Friends Journeys….

  1. Thanks for this beautiful words Joe… and just like you feel about Lee I feel about you.
    Thanks for being in my life… Te quiero mucho mi niña!

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