When you know better, you do better – Oprah Winfrey

#Life Lessons

I struggled to accept this for a while but I’ve reconciled that the fact that you don’t see my light and my value is really your issue.  Yes it affects me in the short term, but the continued lack of insight on your end will surely bring you to your own demise.  This doesn’t bring me any joy but I release my attachment as I understand this lesson will come to you on it’s own time. The best that I can do for me, is to take the lesson and be better and When you know better, you do better. – Oprah Winfrey


Little dreamers everywhere, it’s ok to change your stories!

Most of our life we spend our days fighting things we cannot control and this is what causes frustration in our lives.

We will develop unwavering attachments to  ideas or dreams and stick to them even when all signs tell us, it’s not for us.

Spiritually, it is said that we align ourselves with this story so much so, that this is what we identify as success and as a result, not achieving this goal becomes a big blow to our self worth.

As a child, we are exposed to many influences and this may sway us from finding our true passions.

The thought process may go something like this….

Long ago and buried in our unconscious is a student of life who mistakenly identified this idea to his/her success.  Day in and out, he/she aligned their lives with supporting ideas to push and keep this dream afloat and when it started to sink, they become depressed, disappointed and their self worth took a tremendous blow and it began to affect every other aspect of their lives.  It was too heartbreaking to give up that dream because he/she felt like the world around them would call them a failure but most importantly they were letting down that little dreamer inside and that is what hurt the most.

How many of us have attached ourselves to the wrong dreams early on for whatever reasons.  We went through all the rituals sometimes succeeding and sometimes failing yet still never feeling intrinsic happiness.  What are we doing wrong?

The truth is, little dreamer in you just wants to be happy and happy comes in all shapes and sizes.  The expectations we have set upon ourselves are sometimes unrealistic and many times based on someone else’s idea of success.  My gut tells me that we are surrounded with little dreamers who are in need of changing their stories.

So to all you little dreamers, it’s time to edit your story and tweak the pages or perhaps it’s time to change the story altogether! And guess what, all of that is ok and actually encouraged. It’s not too late!



Images above are of the lovely Lauren Prince, friend and jewelry model for me from time to time.



To be at peace in the center of the storm will be one of your biggest challenges as a learning Baby Buddha.

To be at peace in the center of the storm will be one of your biggest challenges as a learning Baby Buddha.  But how wonderful will it be to be your own beautiful light source and how even more wonderful if you could shine bright enough to help illuminate the way for others, and all of those struggling baby Buddhas around you.

A few tips inspired by my trusty source Ajahn Brahm to help get you to peace. 🙂

1. There will always be something not right, that’s why you have to accept yourself faults and all right now.  It’s the only way to move forward. Vanilla Clouds

2. Lose the guilt.  I personally found so much relief when I read that holding guilt within you is what holds you back because you keep reliving the situation which really serves no purpose but cause you more suffering.  Let it go, and focus on being better and making better decisions.Vanilla Clouds

3. Don’t go through life with a mental scorecard.  Through our lives, we are influenced and conditioned by our surroundings and sometimes we do things out of character, or to blend in or out of fear and insecurity.  This is not who you are, so, don’t mix your performance with your identity.  I love this!!!  My mistakes are not me!Vanilla Clouds

4. Be realistic with yourself.  Most people will not succeed without hard work and those who seem to be succeeding at every thing, well, let’s just say, nothing is as it seems.  Remember, life is about perspective.  No one’s life is perfect, but those who succeed at finding peace, find the balance in life and take the good with the not so good. We all have blessings, but don’t expect to hit a home run if you have never played ball.  It is when you ask from life what you know in your heart it cannot give you, that you will suffer.  Search inside, I am sure you will find a beautiful blessing and put it to some good use!Vanilla Clouds

5. You will eventually be the biggest conflict in your own life that keeps you from succeeding.  Take a deep honest and humble look at yourself and fix what you can, be patient with what you can’t change and learn compassion for yourself.  Let all the heavy burdens go and live.Vanilla Clouds

6. And lastly, oldie but goodie…Beauty is not in the object, it is in the beholder.  When you start to see the beauty in someone else, in life in general, this is when you will see the beauty within yourself.  Practice acceptance and compassion for all life around you and you will develop a kindness and warmth for yourself.vanilla clouds

So, get to work all you Baby Buddhas 🙂

Images above were taken on Jekyll Island with a warm photo filter.





“The wound is the place where the Light enters you.” – Rumi

I came across this quote and I thought it was a very non-selfish and beautiful way to look at the idea of losing someone.  And well, I am always looking for beautiful and challenging ways of letting go of resentment and other feelings that I don’t need!   I think I might almost be there, but alas, there is always more to learn.

It’s always hard letting someone go that we have loved but it’s also hard letting someone go that we had a whole lot of like for because unless the ending was mutual, most of the time, one of you is left with the longing of what could have been.   Whatever the reason is that this union ended, we cannot tell the heart to just move on.  It just doesn’t work like that.  As we get older, we understand that there is more to a match than a hot steamy make out session.

But here’s a thought….

How wonderful would it be if we were able to, and I know this is stretching it, but if we were to sort of pleasingly accept that someone we loved, will now be in a better place or be in a better position or be happier and that we could honor our sadness but honestly be happy for them. 

How can we let go and move forward.

It is ok to mourn the loss of a relationship but don’t let fear force you to hold on to something that you should let go.  Don’t allow yourself to be a victim but instead be empowered. This is a very important time in your life because the minute you decide that you aren’t going to settle for less than you deserve, is the minute you become a stronger and empowered person with a healthier sense of self worth.  I promise you that all of these qualities bring your closer to finding a compatible mate.  Break ups happen for many reasons, so at the same time, understand that the other person is also on their own path and are themselves being pulled in many directions as they navigate this life as well. Develop compassion for yourself and develop compassion for them for no one who allows themselves to love is protected from a broken heart at some point in their life. For what is the purpose of life after all, if not to love.

Quote above is from, Mitch Albom’s, The Five People You Meet in Heaven

Inspired by a tremendous heartbreak. No amount of wisdom can prevent a heart from hurting but it can provide you with a sense of understanding and ability to apply the lessons you have learned through the years.