Take some time, but don’t take forever….

“…for the first time, I understood the danger of focusing only on what isn’t there. 
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What if I came to the end of my life and realized that I’d spent every day watching for a man who would never come to me? 
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What an unbearable sorrow it would be, to realize I’d never really tasted the things I’d eaten, or seen the places I’d been, because I’d thought of nothing but the Chairman even while my life was drifting away from me.- Memoirs of  a Geisha
f a s h i o n i s t h a
 -a wondeful quote from “Memoirs of a Geisha”(one of my all time faves)
Life is precious and we should take the time to heal our wounds, but also be aware that there is an awesome world out there just waiting for you to see, there are kind and beautiful people waiting for you to meet and there are wonderful things waiting for you to do.  So, take some time, but don’t take forever!

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