“The journey is the reward.” ~Chinese Proverb


When you think about accomplishing a goal, the only thing you can focus on is the result and how awesome it will be when you finally get there…but the truth is, it’s the journey to that goal thats the most significant part because that is what changes you.  You are never the same person you were when you began. 

A great body is not just a thing you have; it is a lifestyle you lead. Adopting that lifestyle is the key benefit.”

In order to get to this point, you needed to lead a very disciplined and focused lifestyle.  You needed to say no to the french fries and happy hours, you needed to incorporate fitness into your schedule when you would rather have been doing something else.  You had to be serious and change things that may distract you from that path.  All of this builds character, self respect, integrity, honor, confidence and positive changes in your attitude, thinking and goals.

Many people set these goals, but very few achieve them.  So, the reward is not just the change in your body, it’s the journey that has given you improved discipline and willpower!

You can apply this to any goal you set forth in your life…you will never be the same person when you get there and you will be that much better for it.  So, set some goals people!!!

Inspired by this article here: http://tinybuddha.com/category/blog/change-challenges-blog/


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