The many angles of interesting….

This past Sunday, I went riding around in search for some inspiration..I rode by an area that I had already visited on my bike with B and tried to find different things to photograph or should I say different ways to photograph it.  I came across these old mailboxes (I love old things) and I began shooting them.  Once I was done trying to capture it from every possible angle that I could think of,…I had accumulated about 30 shots of this mailbox.   I kind of chuckled and thought, how many ways can I capture the charm of this mailbox…and so, here is the subject of my lens:SONY DSCSONY DSCSONY DSC SONY DSC

It’s so hard to choose my favorite because every angle highlights a different feature depending on how I position my lens.  Just as if I were shooting a supermodel and trying to find his/her most interesting angles 😉  Sometimes it requires a huge effort..i.e, subjecting myself to bug bites and crouching down on branches and bugs..ewww.  But If I shoot it from an angle where the sun perfectly complements the brown leaves and shines all it’s shadows away, it’s really quite beautiful and so worth it.  If I choose to not focus on the mailboxes and allowing the blur, it feels a little more abstract and mysterious but not any less beautiful.  Totally subjective.  SONY DSCSONY DSCSONY DSC


2 thoughts on “The many angles of interesting….

  1. Hi Jo- ;0)

    I love these pics of the mailbox! I can’t pick my favorite but I like the the one where you can see the moss hanging in the background. So beautiful! You didn’t move to Ga did you?! miss you! Maybe coming in Jan to NYC for a few days, but not sure yet…happy shooting!!! Xox!! ;0)

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