They all can’t be Vogue covers :)


I took this image at the Modern Art Show I attended 2 weekends ago here in NY with my friend Paul.  It’s so interesting, I must have taken about 30 shots, but of the 30, only about 5 appealed to me.  My last blog post below with the book pages was from the show also.  Paul and I must have spent about 20 minutes photographing this heavily engraved wheel.  From afar, it looks simple but engraving into this hard rubber and fashioning such an intricate design, is far from simple. 

There are so many angles to shoot and there are so many things that interfere, compliment or detract from a shot.  I always tell my friends who shun camera’s, we all have bad angles, the key is finding your best angle and sticking to it.  Once you know your best features and angles, posing for pics becomes a lot easier and the accompanying anxiety becomes much less.

At the end of the day,..just remind yourself that they all can’t be Vogue covers…because even those covers are ususally the result of hundreds of shots.  xo



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