This problem is a teacher….


I went to the Buddhist meditation center yesterday with a very good friend!  Months lapse in between my visits to the center but when I do attend, I leave feeling a million times lighter and I also feel like it’s one great step on my path to self success. 

Self Success: I define self success as being able to function without anxiety, without fear, without guilt.  Doing things and spending time with people who will help me prosper in goals and in soul.  That may sound selfish but a real truth seeker knows you need to be selfish sometimes to get what you need spiritually and to grow externally.   But most importantly (and this session last night reminded me of this) you cannot succeed without the help of others, so practicing kindness is essential to self success.  This all doesn’t happen overnight…it’s a real commitment to train yourself every day.  The good news is that each day, you get to start new.  

Now this doesn’t work for everyone, but it works for me, so, I’m a happy camper this morning!  I really hope you find what works for you and you train yourself to have better days. xoxo


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