“Time you enjoy wasting is not wasted time.” – him

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A long long time ago, in a land very very far away(…hahah..just kidding!!) Anyway, in my 20’s, I dated a very special guy, who taught me this valuable lesson, despite him being a bit younger than I.  We had a really wonderful friendship and bond that still today, I think about him and how special it was and how special he was.  Unfortunately, in the end, it was bad timing for us, but I guess you could say, he was my benchmark.

Many times, we go through things in life and we feel that if we hadn’t been exposed to them, we wouldn’t be suffering now.  We may think, was it really worth it to feel the love.. or do the favor, take the trip, take the job, etc.  It’s not alway easy to feel this way in the moment because you’re also experiencing sadness, and uncertainty.

I do know that some 10 years later, I can honestly tell you that I am so happy to have had such a special person show me what love meant and how someone treats you when they really care about you.  I am wiser, smarter and humbled by my experiences and although I didn’t realize it then, I truly believe that the time we enjoyed was not wasted because it has made my heart richer.

I can’t guarantee that you won’t think about this person or miss them because I still miss him terribly sometimes, but I do know that for me, that sadness is now a smile and a thought that wherever he is, I hope that he is truly happy. xo


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