To a receptive person, all your efforts at love succeed.


I can’t remember where I read this…maybe a fortune cookie, maybe a book…but it’s always stayed with me.  It was actually my saving grace everytime someone told me, well, you showed too much interest, well, you were too nice, were too available, he just didn’t love you enough,…ouch!!!!!

The way I see it, if you have a healthy ego, there is nothing wrong with showing someone how you feel, however, if the person you are showing does not have a healthy ego, your affections will not be appreciated no matter who you are.

By healthy ego, I mean self worth, self respect, pride, self love… all of these allow us to welcome people into our lives without fear or fight.  So, don’t be afraid to love…at the very least, you will learn the difference between someone who is open for love and someone who just isn’t ready no matter how wonderful you are!!


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